17u Leaders:

Franchise Club 12 innings

Founders Club 12 innings


16u Leaders:

Franchise Club 23 innings

National 21 innings


15u Leaders:

American 10 innings

Honor the Game 9 innings

Franchise 9 innings


14u Leaders:

Honor the Game 10 innings

Franchise 9 innings

*Every weekend teams will keep up with how many innings they win.  If they score more runs in an inning than their opponent, they will receive one point for the inning.  They could give up 7 runs in the first inning, but then give up zero runs every inning after the first.  If they score one run per inning from the 2nd-7th, then they would score 6 points.  They lose the game 7-6, but they win 6-1 in the Win the Inning totals.

*The Win the Inning philosophy is to promote never giving up when you are down or not focusing when they are winning but a large amount.  Every pitch every inning mentality will promote winning play in every game and every inning.